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Toronto B2B computer sales: We sell Acer, Cisco, Lenovo, HP, Sophos, Brother, Epson, ZyXel, Netgear, APC, CyberPower, Tripp-lite, Crucial, WD (Western Digital) and many more brands.

We sell Acer,Cisco,Lenovo, HP, Sophos, Brother, Epson, ZyXEL, Netgear, APC, CyberPower, Tripp-lite, Crucial, WD (Western Digital) and many more brands. Submit your RFQs to us when buying computer products for your office

Desktop, Laptop, Server & Network Hardware

We have an established partnership with multiple vendors to help clients obtain the latest and greatest in computer hardware and peripherals. If you do not want to be alone when deciding which products are right for you, ask about any device or computer part. We offer competitive pricing and next-business-day shipping on most computer and hardware orders.

Business grade network infrastructure products are also available

We sell server computers, computer workstations, network attached storage (NAS), network switches, network firewalls, network routers, wireless access points and much more. Whether you need products for your head office, branch office or warehouse, you can trust us to find exactly what you need.

We sell, install and configure ZYXEL hardware

ZYXEL provides a vast array of computer networking products geared to corporations of all sizes. ZYXEL makes high-quality managed network switches, hardware firewalls, WiFi routers, PoE access points, PoE injectors, network attached storage devices and much more. We specialize in ZYXEL hardware products from the initial sale all the way to configuration and maintenance for most of the small-to-medium business line of products. ZYXEL also manufactures rugged and enterprise network products. Visit today to view their product catalog.

Network Firewalls

A photo of a ZYXEL USG60W firewall that we have installed at client networks. This product has truly stood the test of time.

Network Attached Storage

A photo of a ZYXEL network attached storage product

Network Switches

A photo of a ZYXEL PoE network switch product

PoE WiFi Access Points

A photo of a ZYXEL PoE WiFi access point product

Before committing to computer purchases, call us for an estimate

Let's talk about your hardware & software requirements and provide an estimate to you. Toronto | Mississauga | Ontario | Canada - Call us at (289) 888-2833 or email us.