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DNS Internet Resolution Services for the Greater Toronto Area

We run our DNS server intentionally as an open resolver to our local service areas of Toronto & Mississauga, Ontario. Our DNS server only accepts queries from North American addresses and is optimal exclusively within our area. We have taken ample security measures to mitigate DDoS attacks. Simply configure our DNS server as one of your DNS servers in your TCP/IP DNS settings...

Our DNS Server IP Address is...

Your IP address probably is...

Customized DNS service discovery plans are available for business or enterprise

For a monthly fee starting from $9.99/mth for small office networks, we can have DNS queries sent from your office to have a customized configuration and behaviour. In other words, we can prioritize your DNS requests which will help in delivering a faster web experience. If your business subscribes to a static IP plan, simply provide us your detected internet IP Address above or static IP and we'll make sure we configure your IP within our system accordingly. Clients from the Greater Toronto Area who consult us for regular IT management will receive priority DNS resolution services free-of-charge.

We cannot guarantee that your internet performance will improve while using our DNS server, especially if your connection is already experiencing technical issues. Always review your internet performance with your internet service provider first. We also perform nightly modem reboots after hours, which last up to 5 minutes long, so be sure to configure both primary and secondary DNS addresses so that you do not lose your internet browsing capability during late hours. If down time is planned during business hours (8AM-6PM EST), we will alert all our clients ahead of time.

Our server stack and backup procedure

We currently use Rogers Business Internet as our ISP and run daily file-based backups, image-based backups and utilize high-availability measures such as complete network battery backup or brown-out protection. We also backup our network infrastructure devices and their configuration files, so you can expect reliable service during most circumstances. We strive for the highest uptime possible; although, we admittedly cannot compete with large data centers that may provide 99.9% uptime. Despite of our limitations, we want to earn your business by providing value-added services to our clients and local businesses throughout the GTA

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