Toronto 416-494-9716
In Ontario 1-866-209-8199

DNS Internet Resolution Services for the Greater Toronto Area

Our server is intended to service Mississauga and Etobicoke. Please do not use our server if you are not from the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Our DNS server only permits most North American IPv4 address ranges. We log for the purposes of maintaining a high quality of service as well as hardening the server. We have had to manually block abusers in past and will continue to do so. We block a few cloud service providers as well as known bad domains and addresses listed on Spamhaus blacklist. Our data is updated nightly so that new malicious targets are added to the pool.

Our DNS server IP address is...

If you are a legitimate corporation in the Toronto area looking to bounce DNS requests on another server, try this one above amongst others you already use. NOTE: Not to be used a primary or secondary DNS option on a network adapter's TCP/IP settings, but rather as an optional forwarder configured on a DNS server intended to help businesses looking to filter off some bad internet traffic that malicious attackers reference in software.