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Privacy Policy - IT Support and Services - RapidEye IT

General Privacy Statements

At RapidEye Consulting, we take your privacy concerns very seriously as we treat our customer's information delicately like our own. RapidEye Consulting will never release any personal information to any third-party without your permission first. Typically, we will ask for your basic business information for the purpose of ordering IT goods and providing direct IT support services. We value privacy.

We are a small technology provider and only take customer information for the sole purpose of providing our IT solutions. Your information, if required, will be stored on our internal computer systems that are secure and protected with up-to-date antivirus and free of all physical and malware threats.

DNS Firewall and DNS Resolver Privacy

We log recursive DNS queries of the general public whom have configured our server IP address to serve their internet requests which is part of the DNS server's functionality. We do this to provide a value-added service to the public and to clientele as a means of providing DNS filtration of bad domains that facilitate the transport of malicious software. Without logging, we would not be aware of any hacking or denial of service attempts that would degrade or eliminate service. Our DNS logs are removed from the DNS server's operating system on a daily basis by means of an automated script. No third-party will be privy to our logs except within accordance to Canadian legal authorities and applicable Canadian law.

To Conclude

If you have any privacy concerns you would like to address please contact Paul @ (289) 888-2833 and we will discuss in further detail how we use your information.