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From the physical server itself to its hosted applications, databases, websites, files, email, your server provides the technology you use to remain competitive. Everything you use your server for is built from dozens of programs which are cohesive and automated. Everything just simply has to work

Microsoft Windows Server Infrastructure and Projects

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory is a database system built off of LDAP technology and is utilized at corporations where there are many computers running Microsoft Windows. Active Directory provides the means of centralizing IT administration of user accounts, computer and user access control across the business. A company-wide IT policy can be replicated, and configured independently, from office to office and can be used to simplify your corporate IT. Access Control can be applied according to your office location, department or both. Networks with over half a dozen of Windows computers will be easier to manage by using a Windows Server with Active Directory installed in tandem with Windows Professional licenses of Windows.

Group Policy Management

Group Policy Management is a core feature in Microsoft Active Directory that allows administrators to create policies and control system settings for a group of Microsoft Windows computers joined as domain members. If you are familiar with Local Computer Policy, the concept is the same with Group Policy except that much more control is available across an Active Directory forest or domain, whichever is required. Different Group Policy Objects can be created and customized for different needs. Let's assume that you have a sales department, a finance department and human resources department, whose computer needs are vastly different in each department. With Group Policy Objects, you could configure the automation of printer installations, software installations, firewall settings, scripts, Windows access privileges, while also leaving another department with very little access privileges and while preventing another department from plugging in removable storage devices, resetting passwords or even shutting down Windows. Group Policy objects allow administrators to simplify the configuration of many computers by configuring them as one single policy. Windows 2000 Server was probably the first Microsoft Server OS that first utilized many of the same properties that can still be used today. Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 provides up-to-date configurable properties for the latest in Windows 7/8.1/10 desktop operating systems

Remote Desktop Services

If you require assistance with any Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services, we can assist. Remote Desktop Servers are similar to a regular computer that one may remotely connect to with Remote Desktop Connection, except for the fact that Remote Desktop Services require Windows Server operating systems with compliant licensing. Remote Desktop Services allow multiple users to run multiple simultaneous instances of a single piece of software, but also provides a means of centralizing the application and profile data at a single source. Many businesses and organizations like to simply back up one server with every application saved to it. Remote Desktop Services also provides a means for computers running Windows, Mac or Linux to use the same applications, since all you need is Remote Desktop or RDC installed as a prerequisite

DFS & DFS Replication

Distributed File System is great Windows Server Operating System feature, because it allows corporations to create friendlier paths to data by gathering a list of common file locations that everybody needs to access, but making the file locations easier to remember. You can create namespaces that link to your Active Directory domain and convert a bunch of weird folder locations into simple paths without changing the real file location of the data. DFS is a way to make shortcut-like paths to data at the server level so that the entire network can view a simplified file structure, without having to dismantle existing links to information. Once a DFS service is enabled, you could run an extension to DFS called DFSR or DFS replication to clone the data as a backup service to another offsite Windows Server running DFS.

Network Storage Configuration

We can help you deploy your network storage appliances such as your network attached storage (NAS) devices or your storage area network (SAN) devices. Virtual machine hypervisors utilize network storage to help make a running virtual machine portable in such a way where it can be moved from one computer to another. In the case of a NAS, modern NAS devices contain applications that allow you to easily backup any live virtual machines or other file data. Network Access Storage devices of today can handle the tasks of a small business server, without the licensing cost of a Windows Server. A single NAS device can allow you to hold your organization's shared data away from your workstations directly, which reserve your workstation's resources primarily for your applications. NAS devices are ethernet connected with cat5e/6 cables that work as members of a local network unless specially configured. Storage Area Network devices are typically rack-mountable and are designed for direct attachment to servers. SANs are designed for medium-large corporations or those who need centralized and fail-safe data sources.

Microsoft DNS Management

We're excellent at DNS, meaning that we can correct network issues that are related to named file locations that are reporting errors. Problems that arise from DNS issues are, lost mapped drives, shortcuts not working, computers appear to be no longer available, websites can no longer be accessed, email no longer working and mail delivered to clients end up in their SPAM. There are many reasons why DNS could be a factor in network reliability and availability, that's why it's very important to consult a good IT professional, especially when you don't employ one regularly

Microsoft SQL Server Administration

We can help you deploy or set up a new business application by helping your software vendors install SQL or do work to existing SQL servers. Many software vendors will ask you to consult an IT person to work with initial setup. We can help with application errors that related to SQL, such as authentication issues, collation, encoding or any issue that is making things not work correctly.

Offline Files

Offline Files is a file synchronization feature that has been out for a very long time on the Microsoft Windows platform, which allows mobile and local network users to maintain a copy of a file for use while not physically connected to the network. An employee or user of a file can edit a local machine copy while the file server is disconnected from their computer and then report back to the server at a later time to write the changes to the server. Offline File synchronization is great for those who need to sync files on local network running on networks with Windows servers

Volume Shadow Copy

The volume shadow copy service is heavily used in server and workstation file backups as well as the previous versions file backup feature that allows Active Directory Domain Users or employees to easily fetch their backups directly from their computer by selecting the properties. This feature typically integrates well with a network-based Microsoft File Server running Windows File & Print Sharing Services

Batch, Powershell, VBScript Scripting

Most network and system administrative tasks can be automated today. We can help you by writing backup scripts, file copying scripts, user login scripts and various other scripts used for installation and manipulation of a Microsoft Windows computer system. Basic batch operations are handled well with batch scripts; although, the more advanced tasks are served best with Windows Powershell due to the fact that PowerShell contains many features that are comparable to a full scripting language and can utilize .NET libraries. Microsoft also provides their own text editor for PowerShell called, Powershell ISE, which is an excellent application for writing very powerful system administration programs. If you'd like to take functionality and convert it to PowerShell, we can help you with that work.

Microsoft HyperV Management

Virtual Disks, Virtual CPUs, integration with VLANs, or any help with customizing your hypervisor resources on the Microsoft platform can be provided by RapidEye Consulting. Some applications are optimal with one vCPU and some need more. Sometimes not enough physical memory allocated to a VM might cause excessive virtual memory usage on your virtual machines, resulting in poor VM host performance. In fact, there are lots of reasons why a hypervisor might need regular ongoing maintenance and we're here to assist you with those tasks if they are too complicated for you to deal with on your own.

Back up & File Restore

We can help you with back up jobs which are not completing or assist when a file, folder or system restore is required. We can also configure and maintain your existing back up solution.

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