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From the physical server itself to its hosted applications, databases, web sites, files, mail, your server provides the technology you use to remain competitive. Everything you use your server for is built from dozens of programs which are cohesive and automated. Everything just simply has to work

Active Directory, Internet Information Services, DNS, DHCP, Group Policy Objects, Access Control

If you use Windows computers or servers at your office and use domain logon accounts, chances are that you use Active Directory Domain Services. Active Directory is software installed on a Windows server that provides the means of centralizing IT administration of user accounts, computer and user access control across the business. A company-wide IT policy can be replicated, and configured independently, from office to office and can be used to simplify and secure your business IT. Access Control can be applied according to network location, department or both. Networks with over half a dozen of Windows computers will be easier to manage with Active Directory installed in tandem with Windows Professional licenses of Windows.

We support Microsoft Windows, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Windows, which we have always supported and still generally recommend; However, with the trends and adoption of open-source technologies, we have chosen to be right there for those who use Linux as well. We specialize in CentOS or any binary compatible version of Red Hat or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We can configure or edit BIND or (named), Apache, Samba, postfix, sendmail, php, mysql, postgreSQL and much more or parts of Linux related to network infrastructure services or server administration.

Server Virtualization and Virtual Machines

A virtual machine is a computer that runs entirely as software on a computer called a VM host or hypervisor. Virtual machines are powered off, on and rebooted completely in a software program. Most modern computers and servers are designed to run many virtual machines simultaneously. Instead of having four hardware servers all running small roles, you can have one or two of those physical machines performing your entire IT organizational roles. One advantage of having virtual machines running on your server is to be able to maximize your server investment instead of most of the CPU laying dormant. Another great advantage is, that your servers can be backed up in the exact state they are in and can be moved to a different computers in the event of a failure or when needed.

Which virtual machines solutions have we worked with?

Citrix XenServer is the main hypervisor we are experienced with, which runs on the open-source, Xen Hypervisor. We also know much about VMWare vSphere ESXi, vCenter Server, VMWare Workstation, Hyper-V on Windows Server and Hyper-V Server 2012

Citrix XenServer leverages LVM storage technology for versatile storage configurations and virtual disks running iSCSI or NFS on network storage devices such as a NAS or SAN. Citrix XenServer is also free to use with a basic configuration.

Backup & File Restore

We can assist you with all things backup. Regardless of your budget, we can help you with backup jobs which are not completing or assist when a file, folder or system restore is required. We can also configure and maintain your existing backup solution.

If you need server administration for your business on an as-needed basis, call us at (416) 494-9716 or email us for information.