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Nervous about your business technical support needs?

Many owners or senior management employees of small-to-medium businesses try to tackle technical computer changes themselves or with the help of a friend and run into major problems during the process. We have passion to help business owners in Toronto & Mississauga avoid these moments. We often work with people who have previously consulted other computer support technicians or just simply deal with way too many problems.

Get the most out of your Windows computers after dealing with us. Toronto & Mississauga Tech Support

Think about many of the programs running on your Windows-based PCs, such as, Microsoft Office, which handles your spreadsheets, email, documents and slideshows. What about your internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera), antivirus program or content management system? Persistent and disruptive errors will occur due to connection, file location or other issues. We check for signs of physical or software issues and look to find out what changed. We are obsessed with performance, but may also tune a system for ideal reliability.

Have your passwords and access credentials prepared for us

If something technical is frustrating you and it's on your computer screen, Call us! We will not charge you money or do any work unless we are certain it can be completed by us.

In order to provide the best technical support in Toronto, we require our clients to be forthcoming when it comes to their computer and network passwords. In many cases, having administrative privileges are essential to ensure work is carried out properly. Not only do your business machines have to work, they have to work well.

Remote application support, Remote Support through Remote Desktop, VNC or other tools.

We can connect to your computer by means of the internet and do any IT task for you. Remote IT support offers you great convenience and usually quicker IT support. As long as you are able to surf the internet and browse websites, we should be able to connect to your computer remotely. Call us with your favourite remote access application for quick service. Remote Desktop or VNC access may be configured and used by us as well.

Share your situation with us and we'll go to your office within the Greater Toronto Area

We primarily work in the west end of Toronto and Mississauga. Depending on the scope of work, we will travel all over the GTA to help you. Contact us at (416) 494-9716 or by clicking this email link.

We prefer scheduled appointments and calls during the day

Our business hours are from 8:00AM-4:30PM, Monday to Friday and we only work at your office. With the exception of urgent remote support calls, we look to schedule appointments with clients for every office visit. New clients can expect a returned call within 8 hours or next business day. After-hours support rates are charged double-time if you demand support for new incidents after-hours.