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Nervous about your business technical support needs?

Many owners or senior management employees of small-to-medium corporations try to tackle technical computer changes themselves or with the help of a friend and run into major problems during the process. We have passion to help business owners and owners of other corporations in Toronto & Mississauga avoid these moments. We often work with people who have previously consulted other computer support technicians or just simply deal with too many problems.

Get the most out of your Windows computers after dealing with us. Toronto & Mississauga Tech Support

Think about many of the common computer problems you deal with; Persistent and disruptive errors will occur due to network connection, file location or many other issues. We check for signs of physical or software issues and look to find out what changed. We are obsessed with performance, but may also tune a system for ideal reliability.

Technical Support with Internet Browsers

With more and more applications moving to the cloud and with more that are served through a web interface, people rely on the stability of their computer's internet browser to get things done. Microsoft Edge is automatically provided with Windows 10, Safari is a browser provided by Apple with their computers, and Mozilla Firefox is typically used with Linux. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are typically downloaded manually by users of Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux.

Common internet browser issues include:

  • Problems that require transferring of data, such as, favorites and / or bookmarks

  • Autocomplete or core browser functions stop working

  • The browser crashes forcing you to work with another one

  • A recent change in browser settings prevents expected behaviour of a website

  • Accessing secure sites, such as banking or other web-based business systems

  • Objects on websites cannot render and could display before

  • Any other unexplained behaviour that might be related to the operating system

Regardless of your issue with your browser, if you have sudden or lingering problems, it would be a great idea to contact RapidEye Consulting for IT support. Simply explain the problem and we'll gather the information required from you to help you get your browser going again.

Technical Support with Finance or Accounting Software

Accountants and finance professionals might require computer help pertaining to raw data or migrating data to and from various applications. With so many possible computer issues that might come up during your work week, we would like to outline some of the accounting technology tasks with which we are experienced

Common support requests from finance and accounting departments include:

  • Exporting data from software that will be retired

  • Importing exported data into new software application

  • Assistance with stubborn CSV records that will not populate correctly

  • Integrating records with other software that might be used, such as CRM software

  • Help with cloud accounting solutions such as Intuit Quickbooks Online and others

  • Helping with secure banking portals that do not behave in the internet browser

  • Helping corporations with single-user and multi-user modes by means of server work

  • Help with oddities related to estimates, purchase orders, invoices, bills and reports

We have worked with various versions of Sage and Intuit software throughout the years, and can help you with most other related tech support tasks.

Technical Support with Print Devices and Network Printer Behaviour

Various printer issues require technical support and those include:

  • Unexpected incorrect print output of content, like odd characters and other visuals

  • Print jobs get lost or get stuck in a queue

  • Errors pop up that mimic a computer crash or Windows generated error

  • Design considerations related to colour and display vs ink differences

  • Print jobs are erroneously printed out of another print device

  • Jobs intended to be printed as a PDF or portable document format and fail to work

  • Print driver or software installation fails to work correctly

  • The Windows Printer Spooler service fails whenever documents are sent to print device

  • When an office needs an old print device swapped out for a new one

  • When print software is to be installed on or pushed out to multiple computers

We have worked with various versions of Sage and Intuit software throughout the years, and can help you with most other related tech support tasks.

When calling for tech support, have your passwords and access credentials prepared for us

In order to provide the best technical support in Toronto, we require our clients to be forthcoming when it comes to their computer and network passwords. In many cases, having administrative privileges are essential to ensure work is carried out properly. Not only do your business machines have to work, they have to work well.

Remote application support, Remote Support through Remote Desktop, VNC or other tools.

We can connect to your computer by means of the internet and do any IT task for you. Remote IT support offers you great convenience and usually quicker IT support. As long as you are able to surf the internet and browse websites, we should be able to connect to your computer remotely. Call us with your favourite remote access application for quick service. Remote Desktop or VNC access may be configured and used by us as well.

Share your situation with us and we'll go to your office within the Greater Toronto Area

We primarily work in the west end of Toronto and Mississauga. Depending on the scope of work, we will travel all over the GTA to help you. Contact us at (416) 494-9716 or by clicking this email link.

We prefer scheduled appointments and calls during the day

Our business hours are from 8:00AM-4:30PM, Monday to Friday and we only work at your office. With the exception of urgent remote support calls, we look to schedule appointments with clients for every office visit. New clients should receive a call or email from RapidEye Consulting within two hours or as soon as possible. After-hours support rates are charged double-time if you demand support for new incidents after-hours.