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Toronto PHP and JavaScript Development Services

Whether your web app needs visual or functional changes, reach out to us.

Our custom, lightweight web framework

Our core competency is expressed in one phrase, "Custom Web Site Work". We can help with or without popular CMS or web frameworks. In fact, our site is built using our custom framework built with Object-oriented PHP, which include features like:

  • Easy to use master configuration file
  • Easy to use 301 redirect configuration file
  • Native & external "404 Not found" choices
  • Pre-processing of CSS external stylesheet functions optimized for high-latency internet connections
  • jQuery fallback functionality to ensure library is loaded, either as local copy or CDN
  • Lightweight framework focused on functionality and technical SEO
  • Configurable options that assist in optimal mobile friendliness by influencing various CSS stylesheet and JavaScript functions

Front End Development, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Client-side Scripting, help with JavaScript Libraries

Event Driven functionality

If you want to improve the look and interaction of your website, you will likely need to find a web developer who understands how a web page works during and after loading. When a person uses any online web service, it is likely that JavaScript and asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) and DOM Manipulation is being used to interact with the person clicking, tapping or typing. Asynchronous JavaScript calls are what powers single-page applications.

Custom Client-side Web Development Tasks

  • Custom JavaScript
  • Hard-Coded CSS3 Effects and Animations
  • Desktop to mobile friendly styles
  • Cross-browser or older browser compatibility
  • Help with W3C HTML Validation

Help with web app layout - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

What is CSS used for?

CSS refers to the design code, which comprise of classes, selectors and rules that are stored in externally attached files processed upon loading time.

Page-Load Optimization

Some web sites run terribly slowly, partly because of the amount of HTTP requests caused by external stylesheet use, and partly due to a larger share of HTTP requests linked to static resources located in the cloud. We know a couple of tricks to help optimize delivery of design resources so that sizes load optimally for both mobile users & satellite internet subscribers

Efficient CSS in your design can provide a great web experience across multiple devices and help separate your design from your content, even if your target business decides to turn JavaScript off in their browsers. Most internet browsers today take advantage of your computer's graphics components to provide fluid menus, snappy animations, effects and other visual enhancements that can replace or supplement what is already being achieved with JavaScript code.

Building web pages, Form processing, input validation, Server side scripts, Back End Development, PHP

What if you have existing PHP scripts that are currently no longer scalable? Perhaps your business is growing fast and your site needs more breadth while maintaining efficiency. We can write PHP functions to be used in existing classes or PHP files to futureproof and add value to your site. Think of functionality like surveys, contact forms, and anything involving processing what people type or submit to a web site. We want to continue to help those to want to add more value to their existing web-based assets.

Stuck with code for a Wordpress site or web frameworks? Stuck with JavaScript or PHP code?

Have your team get in touch with us for all the boring technical stuff. We like to solve problems by helping you identify issues that are leaving you frustrated. Call us at 416-494-9716 or email us for information.