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Fire up your web app with a good web server configuration

Suppose you need to make changes to your website, but have to be completed on the server itself. You know exactly what you need to have done, but are not sure exactly how to configure your server. That's when you need to contact us.

Custom web server work

We are experts in LAMP configurations or apache web server configurations on Linux Systems. We can also assist with your WAMP or Windows web server configuration. We specialize in solving complex problems where developers normally consult system or network administrators to provide insight.

Private Web Server Help

We are mostly experienced with handling the configuration of private web servers for companies who have not moved over to cloud or hosting providers and choose to maintain their own web server. We can also act as a liaison when you are not able to communicate the tasks to be performed by your provider.

Server side scripting with php

Seeking help with server-side programming? We are knowledgeable with the php programming language, shell scripts and can help with custom programming tasks as well as support for your apache server. If your site uses php programming and you need help, Contact us and let's talk.

We want to help Canadian businesses

Let's talk about your exact web server requirements or any immediate needs. Give us the details...Contact us at (416) 494-9716 in Toronto or email us for information