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Computer Systems Help & I.T. Solutions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Surrounding Areas

Our value proposition emphasizing performance and stability of endpoints and network components

We work primarily in Mississauga, Etobicoke and the west end areas of Toronto. Our primary target service locations are in Mississauga South, Etobicoke South, Oakville & near the Q.E.W. within the G.T.A.. If your office is located within the Toronto & Mississauga area (west-end) and you require on-premise computer work, network technology services or help purchasing an office computer product, call us at 289-888-2833 or email us for information. You may also contact us for any remote computer services if help is required anywhere in Ontario.

Computer and Network Hardware

289-888-2833. We have access to many brands of computer and network hardware. Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, WD, PNY, Crucial, ZYXEL, Netgear, Cisco and much, much more

Send your requests for quotation our way

We have an established partnership with multiple vendors to help you obtain the latest and greatest in computer hardware and peripherals. If you do not want to be alone when deciding which products are right for you, ask about any device or computer part. We offer competitive pricing and next-business-day shipping on most computer and hardware orders.

We Sell ZYXEL Network Hardware

Network Firewalls

A photo of a ZYXEL USG60W firewall that we have installed at client networks. This product has truly stood the test of time.

Network Attached Storage

A photo of a ZYXEL network attached storage product

Network Switches

A photo of a ZYXEL PoE network switch product

PoE WiFi Access Points

A photo of a ZYXEL PoE WiFi access point product

We are one of the only ZYXEL resellers in the province of Ontario.

ZYXEL provides a vast array of computer networking products geared to corporations of all sizes. ZYXEL makes high-quality managed network switches, hardware firewalls, WiFi routers, PoE access points, PoE injectors, network attached storage devices and much more. We specialize in ZYXEL hardware products from the initial sale all the way to configuration and maintenance for most of the small-to-medium business line of products. ZYXEL also manufactures rugged and enterprise network products. Visit today to view their product catalog.

Our Computer Services

A photo breaking down our core I.T. services, systems, networks and support. For more information, visit our website or reach out to us at 289-888-2833 or email

Network Help

Send your network inquiries this way. Whether your network is slow, needs regular maintenance or is already broken; if you feel that help is needed, and you do not have any existing computer support, contact RapidEye Consulting now.

Server and Virtual Machine Help

Active Directory, Mail, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Backup, Data Storage, Access Control and much more. We serve those with CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat and Windows Servers

Script Development

If you are looking to automate computer administrative tasks to help alleviate your daily work load or to fix something that needs updating, ask about these services. We write general purpose scripts to assist with network administration, file backup and working with data.

Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems

We sell, install and maintain Microsoft Windows servers and servers that operate using Red Hat and derivative systems, such as Fedora and CentOS Linux. We provide network systems management of technology across both Windows and Linux operating systems.

General I.T. Service

If you require technical service and have no I.T. personnel to service your office, we would be pleased to meet you and help your entire staff with what ails your computer system(s). Think about your desktops, laptops, WiFi, servers or any I.T. task you have postponed.

NOTE: We kindly request that principals or managers contact us directly to address their needs, and be willing to provide required usernames / passwords to have work successfully completed.