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I sell computers of all types and provide I.T. services to clients

A photo of Paul Latour, I.T. consultant specializing in computer network management, information systems and script development for those who own their computer resources.

Paul's vCard

Since 2013 and under the name, RapidEye Consulting, I have sold computers, managed business technology for small & medium sized corporations, and contributed as a web developer in web site projects. I am thankful every single day for the work bestowed upon us by our clients. I will continue to serve people from the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario who are looking for an I.T. Professional who can solve complex computer problems and provide a high level of computer network and systems management service. My goal is to continue to win clients and prospects over with my experience, thirst for new challenges and hankering for new skills.

- Paul Latour

About Paul Latour

Since 2005, Paul has worked in various technical roles such as Help Desk Technician, Technical Support, Network Management and Systems Administration. Paul is a regular lurker of many popular tech websites related to computer science and network technology. Paul has expanded his knowledge of the following skills beyond general I.T. service

  • Business finances

  • Working with data & database administration

  • Selling and delivering products and services

  • HTML5 semantics

  • Server virtualization

  • Linux network administration

  • Mobile-ready & responsive design

  • JavaScript design

  • Developing cool server side web functionality with PHP

  • Coding scripting programs using Linux shell & Windows Powershell for data processing applications

  • Successfully operating a full service public DNS resolver

Always Open for New Business

If you are looking for a professional I.T. consultant to cover your Ontario-based corporation, call 289-888-2833 or email and ask for Paul Latour.