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Looking for computer repairs at an office near you?

...or get your computer a performance assessment

Computers slow down due to:

...and quite a few more other possibilities.

Without spending time identifying the problem, you might choose to buy new hardware when you probably have a good PC that just needs service or repairs.

Many people will not mind ignoring a computer problem for a time and will choose to upgrade in order to solve a problem by replacing the system's hardware and operating system. This can be a great strategy once the hardware is not worth servicing, but some people do not prefer this strategy especially if they believe the system is still powerful enough to run their applications. The only way to know is to find out.

RapidEye Consulting can provide needs assessments and diagnostics, but can also get your computer upgraded or have other hardware replaced for you once we've determined that's the best way forward, and you agree to have us do so.

RapidEye Consulting is an IT services company also providing computer repairs & computer diagnostics in Kingston, Ontario and nearby areas.

Contact us for all questions related to repairs and component replacements

Even though we do not have the capacity to repair totally damaged computer components, we do know a lot about computer components and can service all CPU, graphics, memory, networks and much more. We can supply your business with any brand new hardware or replacement hardware and migrate your data to that new hardware, if applicable.

We can also repair and troubleshoot all other issues related to software, business applications, operating systems, printers, scanners, updates, boot & startup. We can take each service and support incident you bring to us related to the physical computer hardware or operating system and resolve each issue one at a time with proficiency.

Data backup & restore

When your computer fails and you need help restoring an existing backup we can help you by attempting to recover the data and bring the system to complete recovery. You might be working with virtual hard drive images in virtual machines or files within the operating system, but we can work with them all.

PC operating system troubleshooting

Complex computer issues with Microsoft operating systems are no match for RapidEye - Bring on your older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to current systems such as Windows 10 to Windows 11.

At times, built-in troubleshooter programs will not locate and fix the exact problem, especially when getting a STOP error or other service errors. This is when a problem becomes an advanced issue where there is a chance that re-imaging or doing a full reset on the computer might be required. This is especially true on machines with bad device drivers or viruses stored on the system volume. In most cases a full reset or restore is not required as long as we can eliminate the problem in a timely manner.

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