Computers & IT Services – Kingston, Ontario

From 2013 to 2021, I provided on-site and remote computer services to private sector businesses and organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, mostly in the west end of Toronto and Mississauga. Due to a desire to live and work based in a smaller city in Ontario, we’ve settled on Kingston, Ontario.

The objective for RapidEye Consulting remains the same as before: Gaining traction in Eastern Ontario, while continuing to work in Toronto in the province of Ontario along the 401.

We do not have a dedicated office but have everything else in place to get you competitive pricing and quick shipping on all orders, large and small. If you are a business or organization reading this, you want to upgrade or you simply need a fresh perspective on IT, we want your business.

You can call me anytime at (613) 544-8883 or email (paul [at] rapideyeconsulting [dot] ca) to discuss your IT needs or to discuss computer products.

Thank you,

Paul Latour | RapidEye Consulting