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Toronto, Ontario DNS

We run a public DNS server for people to use along with their internet service provider's DNS addresses. Whether you use our address as a primary or secondary DNS address, that's up to you.

Our DNS resolver breakdown

Our DNS server IP address is...

Your internet IP address probably is...

Attention third-party IT service providers and web hosting providers: If you are configuring this DNS server on your customer's IT systems or forwarding your infrastructure's internet queries to our server, please consider hiring us for subcontracted infrastructure work or any computer service project, and do the right thing by partnering with us, or spreading the word about our services. We need support.

Toronto area corporations, sign up for priority resolver access. Allow us to send you email regarding our services.

If you are a corporation with a static IP address and are currently using our DNS resolver at your office in the Toronto Area, send an email to our resolver access sign-up address and let us know about you and why you need our resolver vs configuring your own to resolve your own queries. If you are part of a large corporation, it's highly recommended to run your own DNS resolver for your office.

Our objective with this server is to serve the community and to help clean up some of the internet, so we have taken ample security measures at multiple layers to mitigate DoS & DDoS attacks. We have also implemented a series of scripting programs that run on schedule to update our spam-prevention, bad domain, IP data and then supplementing our DNS server configuration with the collected information.

How to use

Contact your IT technician or consultant to configure our DNS server as one of your DNS servers located within your router or firewall. We encourage users of our server to configure our DNS server IP address inside your WAN/internet/untrusted instead of entering the configuration into your LAN/local/trusted network DHCP server.

If you would like to configure our server as one of your private DNS server forwarders, please do so; However, it's important to secure your environment by ensuring that your local DNS server is responding authoritatively to your local domain's forward and reverse lookup zones. Regardless of whose DNS server you use, failing to configure your zones appropriately will expose your local network's subnet and addressing scheme to any forwarding resolver.

If you need help configuring your private DNS server and do not have existing IT support, we'll be happy to be your regular IT solutions partner. Complete on-site IT support is available through us in our service area. We accept calls for remote work from all over Ontario.

Do you have any feedback?

Your comments are greatly encouraged. Send an email to us with any comments regarding our DNS server, requests for information technology work or request an estimate for computer hardware.

If you wish to make a donation to support our public recursive DNS service initiatives, we'd appreciate it.

To other IT service providers: Please contact us before configuring our DNS resolver on your customer's computer networks.