January 2020: Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrades

All the advice you need to make the decision to finally switch to Windows 10 is right at Microsoft’s website from the link below.


One might be inclined to upgrade their business to Windows 10 by purchasing new computers, because MSPs will likely recommend that they replace the hardware. If you want to avoid issues with aging hardware with inherited service cost, you’ll want to do your new hardware roll-out ASAP.


Consider using existing hardware with Windows 10, if your system was built between 3-6 years ago. Why not purchase a license? The new installer is super easy to use. Moderately old hardware can work great on Windows 10, if you are looking to save short-term bucks.

Get Computer Help

At RapidEye Consulting, we try to do a lot of the general IT service work that MSPs offer to SMBs. Doing things at a smaller scale and highly customized. Help us grow into a great MSP and hire us for your next Windows 10 task list. We’re looking for steady client relationships with businesses from the Toronto area. Reach out to us for all things computer and on-site networking.