Shared Web Hosting & Wordpress Hosting

We would be pleased to host your applications and websites including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or other custom PHP website needs. Our servers use CentOS and Fedora Linux on Apache Web Server with MariaDB or PostgreSQL. If you have other application requirements, let's discuss those needs to find out if we are a good fit for you and your website. Contact us today.

$20 shared business hosting

What's included...

Everything all hosted on bare-metal for that classic, low-latency configuration that will get the job done.

We will assist your initial configuration until you are up and running and provide technical support where applicable within scope of our infrastructure.

Free SSL certificate options are included for free. Custom SSL certificates for secure or e-commerce sites are subject to an additional setup fee.

Do you have developers and only require hosting?

Many larger web hosting providers insist you host your domain with them as well, but we do not work that way. We are a small business located in Kingston, ON focusing on businesses in the province of Ontario who already have a domain registered with a registrar and are looking for a partner to host their web application locally on a server here in Ontario.

We are mainly server administrators and operators, but do get down and dirty with PHP code. If you are stuck with a PHP application that is generating fatal errors, we would be pleased to work with your web development team to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

NOTE: Issues with the content management system, server-side code, front-end code and application data are not usually caused by the hosting provider. It is best to first contact your web developers to ensure that issues resulting in loss of services or data are not caused by their changes.

Focused On The Systems and Server

We want to help the growth of your business by providing the essentials needed for your web application without acting as a gatekeeper to the content. We will work with your team until everything is running very well. For all inquiries, fill out our contact form or contact us by phone or email.