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Toronto I.T. Network Repair Services | RapidEye Consulting

Whether you are having issues with your existing network hardware or need help purchasing and setting up new network components, We are able provide your office with computer networking advice, as well as sell and configure your network devices

Dealing with your Internet Service Provider and Internet Configuration

We acquire all information from your internet service provider or as provided by your internal management and use this information to update your network firewall or network router

Local Area Network Management and TCP/IP to keep your office technology buzzin' along

We are able to manage the following: DHCP, DNS, NAT, VoIP traffic, TCP/IP, port forwarding, VLAN, virtual network infrastructure, subnetting, VPN tunnels or site-to-site VPN, sessions, unblocking traffic, bandwidth management and firewall hardening.

We're experienced configuring ZyXEL, Fortinet, WatchGuard, pfSense, Cisco, SonicWALL and many other types of firewalls. We can also configure Windows Firewall, iptables and firewalld within their respective operating systems

Business leaders no longer panic over computer network problems while working with us

When new applications and servers are introduced to a business network, incorrectly configured network devices can lead to network disruptions, security breaches or DoS attacks. We want to work with you when your company decides to consult a computer networking professional. Regardless of network hardware, many concepts between network firewall and network switch vendors are all relative to general networking fundamentals.

We have access to multiple brands and types of network hardware

We've partnered with ZyXEL and NETGEAR to provide people with highly-configurable network infrastructure products that will provide skeptics with piece of mind regarding their office connectivity. We also have access to, and are able to configure, many other network hardware brands. Just email or call and we will arrange an appointment or return your call as soon as possible.

From planning to procurement to installation to maintenance...

For complete sales and service expertise, call us at 289-888-2833 or email us for information. Toronto - Mississauga - Ontario - Canada.