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Toronto PHP development services

We know Linux with Apache, PHP, HTML, JavaScript & CSS

We can work with you and help you with website modifications as part of regular maintenance or to troubleshoot potentially embarrassing website problems due to errors or alerts appearing on page or content becoming completely unavailable. Whether you run a small custom application or a database driven web application. We want to work with you.

Custom Client-side Web Development Tasks

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS refers to the design code, which comprise of classes, selectors and rules that are stored in externally attached files processed upon loading time. We can help you out with all visual details that must look correctly in position with the correct colour, sizing and effects needed across multiple stylesheets and media types.

Page-Load Optimization

Some web sites run terribly slowly, party because of the amount of HTTP requests caused by external stylesheet use, and partly due to a larger share of HTTP requests linked to static resources located in the cloud. We know a couple of tricks to help optimize delivery of design resources so that sizes load optimally for both mobile users & satellite internet subscribers

Technical SEO Consulting

Hiring an SEO contractor can be very expensive as websites often require markup adjustments and content improvements, excluding the time needed measure the outcomes and benefits. We look to help those who are experiencing a technical problem with their website that could affect their SEO and web search performance.

Building web pages, Form processing, input validation, Server side scripts, Back End Development, PHP

We can write PHP functions to be used in existing classes or PHP files to futureproof and add value to your site. Think of functionality like surveys, contact forms, and anything involving processing what people type or submit to a web site.

Have your team get in touch with us for all the boring technical stuff. We like to solve problems by helping you identify issues that are leaving you frustrated. Call us at 289-888-2833 or email us for information.