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Apache Web Server and Linux Web Server Support available here

We can help you with "under the hood" web server tasks such as, configuring .htaccess, assisting with apache .conf files and modules to match your objectives.

Are your "Search Engine Optimization" efforts derailed by technical issues?

Common tasks that need to be performed involve redirecting URLs, rewriting URLs by editing rewriting rules, modifying HTTP headers, securing directories, modifying access privileges, configuring HTTPS, generating certificate requests, and much more depending on any additional modules used by your installation

If your Google Webmasters or Bing Webmasters tools are throwing up errors and you are sure that your HTML is correct, you might need to consult us for help

Custom 404 error configuration

If you do not use a content management system or your website is very basic, chances are that you are serving up general errors to the person viewing the page. If you designed yourself a great looking custom 404 page and you would like to implement the changes, we can have them done for you, quickly and easily.

Error code 500

Uh oh! If something completely broke on a particular page, and the server cannot respond with anything except a failure and a 500 series error, we can help find the solution to the problem. Often, the problem comes from either the server conf files and/or the server side code. Debugging for hours can be a pain especially for those who specialize at the front-end application level and loathe back-end or server admin issues. We would like to help you solve such annoying problems, so you can get back to the creative aspects of your web app

URL Rewriting, 301 redirects & dealing with multiple URLs

Many web sites require a URL to be redirected to a newer URL; although, if incorrectly set up, could lead to your website either reporting 200 OK and not first routed through a permanent 301 redirect or even a temporary 302 redirects. Many redirects are implemented in HTML or JavaScript instead of at server-level, which could lead to duplicate content and potential loss of previous SEO marketing successes.

Is your web application inefficient?

If you run web site performance tests, such as Google PageSpeed Insights and eventually find out that your web site is missing performance features such GZIP compression, caching or your virtual machine configuration needs review, that when you need to contact us for help. We can help you address concerns about some of the error messages or warnings from such site performance analyzers

We want to help Canadian businesses

We work out of Mississauga, Ontario, but understand that many people all over Ontario or Canada are willing to hire tele-commuters or freelancers to work remotely. Almost all web sites can be configured through FTP / SFTP / SSH as long as the server's remote access has been set up. We would like your business...Contact us at (289) 888-2833 in Toronto or email us for information